Easter eggs and chocolate treats from Yorkshire

PUBLISHED: 09:36 21 March 2016 | UPDATED: 09:36 21 March 2016

Preparing for Easter at Bettys

Preparing for Easter at Bettys


Treat yourself to a few adults-only Easter eats (the kids will be perfectly happy with a boiled egg). Compiled by Jo Haywood

Hands up if you sneaked a few treats from your children’s Christmas selection boxes. OK, while we’re in confessional mode, I’ll admit I snaffled the Crunchie from my son and pointed the finger of Fudge, I mean blame, at his sister, then, just for the hell of it, vice versa.

Shameful, I know, but delicious. And now that Easter is approaching, I’m planning equally devious measures of subterfuge, perhaps involving an elaborate Heath Robinson-esque pulley-system or by simply telling them their eggs are hidden in the neighbour’s garden while I woof them down in the shed.

But wait, maybe I don’t have to lie, cheat, steal and generally break all the accepted parental rules about sharing (it’s a good thing apparently) because this year it looks like the Easter bunny’s basket is going to be overflowing with chocolate treats aimed squarely (or should that be ovoidly?) at the grown-up market.

Top of my list (oh yes, I have a list – I’m not an amateur, you know) and proving once and for all that big can be beautiful is Bettys’ 5.4kg Imperial Egg, which weighs in at a hefty £250 (don’t wince; it’s terribly ageing). It’s named after the Imperial Suite at the company’s tea room in Harrogate and its quality Grand Cru Swiss chocolate shell which, I’m reliably informed by someone in the know is ‘big enough to bath a baby in each half’, is decorated with edible ferns, hand-painted butterflies and lifelike spring flowers, each individually applied by a crack team of creatives.

If you can only manage 1.3kg of chocolate (well, you’ve got to maintain your sylph-like proportions somehow) then perhaps Bettys’ Chocolatier’s Egg is more your size. This skilfully hand-piped and hand-cut £80 egg is only available in one of the company’s six shops though, so you might have to treat yourself to tea and a sneaky Fat Rascal too while you’re there.

If you happen to find yourself over in Beverley (or have access to the internet), why not hop in to White Rabbit Chocolatiers and grab yourself a baa-gain chocolate Easter sheep – yes, there is such a thing – which comes complete with a baby lamb inside, making it the best two-for-one-deal you’re going to get at just £9.50.

For a taste of bespoke luxury, you could always send the kids out on a time-consuming errand (tell them you need a can of Scotch mist and a bag of hens’ teeth from Waitrose) then indulge in a gold-leaf decorated delight from chocolate creatives Coeur de Xocolat of Huddersfield.

They specialise in individually-designed, made-to-measure eggs, giving customers the chance to choose the origin of the chocolate as well as the design flourishes, all for between £10 and £45.

And finally, to balance up all that chocolate (and because, let’s face it, we’re a bunch of greedy devils), let’s slather a bit of butter on one of Booths’ fine selection of hot cross buns, which have fruit in them and, therefore, count as one of your five a day (probably).

They’re made by Bells of Lazonby, one of Cumbria’s finest family bakers, founded in 1946 and famed for its artisan breads.

Their luxury hot cross buns, which are made using traditional methods and are hand-crossed every night, come in all manner of flavours including – new for this year – chocolate and ginger; white chocolate and cranberry; apple and cinnamon; and chocolate and fudge.

Which, frankly, sound a bit too kid-friendly to me. Shame on you Booths for stocking something all the family will enjoy!

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