Food find of the month – Lottie Shaw's seriously good Yorkshire Parkin

PUBLISHED: 10:54 19 November 2010 | UPDATED: 18:11 20 February 2013

Food find of the month – Lottie Shaw’s seriously good Yorkshire Parkin

Food find of the month – Lottie Shaw’s seriously good Yorkshire Parkin

A food hero helps us 'warm the blood' this bonfire night with delicious Yorkshire Parkin, as Heather Parry reports

A food hero helps us warm the blood this bonfire night with delicious Yorkshire Parkin, as Heather Parry reports

There is a small bakery tucked away in the back of Elland, West Yorkshire, where I discovered the perfect parkin. The crumbly, stickiness with the wonderful oatmeal texture was the answer to my parkin prayers.
Lottie Shaw, a master bakers daughter from Yorkshire, has returned to her roots following a 10-year career with Diageo, marketing experts.

Lottie has taken her sales and marketing expertise along with the 100-year-old family parkin recipe and developed Lottie Shaws Seriously Good Yorkshire Parkin.

Yorkshire Parkin varies across the region depending usually on the family recipes, a ginger cake predominantly using oatmeal and a blend of black treacle and syrup this recipe for generations has been enjoyed on bonfire night for ginger was thought to warm the blood on what would usually be a very cold night in November.

In the same way that a dog is not just for Christmas, parkin is not just for bonfire night. Lottie has worked hard to seasonalise the parkin by looking at different serving suggestions. In summer the parkin works brilliantly with strawberries and extra thick double cream and in winter its also wonderful as a pudding with a rich caramel sauce on. For those traditionalists all year round with a cup of tea or hot with custard or grandma would even have had it with a spread of butter.

The oatmeal has many health benefits as it is thought to lower cholesterol can something this tasty also be good for you, maybe Yorkshire Parkin will become the next superfood.

After the success of her parkin, Lottie once again got busy in the kitchen and has developed the wonderful Lottie Shaws Seriously Good Parkin Pudding and Caramel Sauce to warm you up on those cold winter nights.

Unlike a sponge pudding the Parkin Pudding is very filling as it has a high Oatmeal content so a little goes a long way this pudding is delicious and will be on menus in a number of gastro pubs this November. At Christmas wonderful boxes of delicious mince pies appear (and disappear quite quickly!). The shallow sweet pastry case works brilliantly with luxury mincemeat, topped with a pastry star and dusted with caster sugar the boxes are then hand tied with raffia and a Christmas peg. The quality of the packaging emphasises the quality of the product within.

Lottie Shaws success is being recognised regularly now, not just from her growing evangelical, customer base but she was shortlisted in the Yorkshire Post Food Awards in the best Handmade section and has also been shortlisted in the Deliciouslyorkshire Awards as Best Outstanding Newcomer. Her success is well deserved she is a true Yorkshire food hero.

Heather Parry scours the county for distinctive products sold in Fodder, the Yorkshire Agricultural Societys farm shop and restaurant, Harrogate.

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