Food find of the month - Just Jenny's

PUBLISHED: 01:18 01 August 2011 | UPDATED: 19:48 20 February 2013

Food find of the month - Just Jenny's

Food find of the month - Just Jenny's

Heather Parry finds summer comfort in a scoop or two of ice cream

If I ever get invited on to Mastermind, which is unlikely I know, my specialist subject would be ice cream. To say I am a fan of this delicious dessert would be a gross understatement. I still hold the school record for eating the most at one sitting.

So imagine my excitement when I went to a family farm in Barkisland, near Halifax, that specialises in the stuff. It was only 7am but farmers daughter Jenny Clarkson suggested we try some samples. Well, I thought Id died and gone to heaven.

Yes, it was an unusual choice for breakfast but, wow, the amazing quality of the ice cream and the flavours made it the best ever.

Jennys family have farmed at Barkisland for over 50 years. Her younger brother works with their parents on the farm with 140 Holstein Friesian cows and a beef herd. But while Jenny wanted to work on the farm, she also wanted the freedom of running her own business. As the whole family loved ice cream, it was easy to decide what that business might be and, in 2007, Just Jennys was born.

She is passionate about her product. All the ingredients are natural, fresh and locally sourced, and she wouldnt dream of letting any preservatives or artificial colours anywhere near her range of 27 ice creams and five sorbets.

Yorkshire is blessed with more than its fair share of excellent ice cream suppliers. The rule of thumb seems to be the heavier the pot, the better the ice cream, as less air has been whipped into the mix to bump up the volume.

I can assure you that Just Jennys is a reassuringly solid ice cream, which leaves you quickly satisfied and is actually cheaper per pot than many of the top foreign brands sold in supermarkets.

We can all help our local farmers and producers by eating local ice cream, and help ourselves by ensuring we eat the best and save money.

So, Im just off to do my bit to help keep Jenny in business she has worked so hard, that she truly deserves our support. And I deserve another scoop of ice cream.

Heather Parry scours the county for distinctive products for Fodder, Yorkshire Agricultural Societys farm shop and restaurant in Harrogate. Let us know if you have a local food producer youd like to champion by emailing or uploading your comments below

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