Food find of the month - Stamfrey Farm Organic Products

PUBLISHED: 17:14 22 June 2011 | UPDATED: 19:36 20 February 2013

Food find of the month - Stamfrey Farm Organic Products

Food find of the month - Stamfrey Farm Organic Products

Velvety smooth clotted cream is almost an obsession with one Yorkshire farming family as Heather Parry discovers

Heavenly tasting clotted cream is not found just in Cornwall. It is here, in Yorkshire, right now. Northallerton farmer, Angus Gaudie married, Cornish-girl Sue who missed her native clotted cream so much that she used to ask friends to bring it up for her.

One friend dared to arrive without but he did bring a separator and told Sue to make her own. And so a new enterprise, Stamfrey Farm Organic Products, was born. In 2003 Sue made 8,000 litres of whole milk into clotted cream, eight years on she is making 150,000 litres of whole milk into clotted cream. I am delighted to say she is still making it by hand, by traditional methods on the farm, using the recipe passed down Cornish generations.

We all know the joy of clotted cream on a fresh scone with strawberry jam. It is also delicious with banana and sugar, wonderful on sticky toffee pudding and fabulous with some fresh raspberries in the summer. Angus apparently loves it on Weetabix. But the truly Cornish way of eating clotted cream is as Thunder and Lightening which is fresh white bread, spread with golden syrup then smothered in clotted cream; possibly not the healthiest thing around but it definitely sounds worth a try after perhaps after a very long and exhausting run.

Making clotted cream involves separating milk which leaves behind gallons of skimmed milk and being Yorkshire farmers; waste was not an option. So with a bio live culture they developed yoghurt with a consistency ideal for pouring over cereal or fruit. My favourite start to the day is making a smoothie from Stamfrey Farm yogurt quickly mixed with Bracken Hill fruit coulis; very tasty, quick and healthy too.

Angus and Sue have 120 milking cows, a Friesian herd, which has over the last few years been crossed with Jersey, Swiss and Norwegian Reds which are more suited to the organic system and have a higher fat yield. The conversion to organic farming began in 2001, since then the cows have been managed on just grass, clover and organic feed, with many of their veterinary needs being met homoeopathically.

These products have been handcrafted with love, care and attention. It is not surprising Stamfrey Farm Organic Products have won well deserved awards for their clotted cream and their yoghurt along with a committed bunch of enthusiastic devotees; of which, I am definitely one.

Heather Parry scours the county for distinctive products sold at Fodder, the Yorkshire Agricultural Societys farm shop and restaurant in Harrogate.

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