Kim-Joy on her favourite things in Yorshire

PUBLISHED: 10:45 23 June 2020

Kim Joy (c) Ellis Parrinder

Kim Joy (c) Ellis Parrinder


Leeds’ Great British Bake Off star, Kim-Joy on her favourite things about her home county.

A place you love to eat...

Bettys! Me and my partner had our first date there on my birthday, so it has special memories, alongside being a fabulous Yorkshire establishment.

To take friends...

Brimham Rocks - it’s such a nice, peaceful place and I love climbing the rocks.

A childhood memory...

I was born in Belgium then grew up in greater London from age five. I was never attached to London, and always wanted to live elsewhere... Yorkshire is the perfect place for me.

A cultural go-to...

Leeds Art Gallery. I used to go there every weekend when I volunteered with people with learning disabilities. We’d do some sketching and looking around, and then chill in the wonderful cafe there!

Inspiration outdoors…

Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I’ve only been once but it’s so memorable and I can’t wait to go back.

A place for indulgence…

There are so many! I’m going to say Mumtaz or Tharavadu for incredible curry that you can’t stop eating, even when you’re full.

A Yorkshire view that inspires

The view from my back door is genuinely beautiful – lots of fields and greenery, and we live next door to a farmer, so we can watch the cows chilling in the fields. I’m very lucky.

I’m never happier than when

At home, baking and enjoying the view.

Three words that sum up your best Yorkshire life...

Happy, wonderful and delicious.

How are you dealing with isolation?

I am lucky as I live with my partner/best friend and I am also a massive introvert and homebody so don’t really miss much in that sense! But I worry a lot about the impact on others, I’m still trying to process the situation, and so I am just trying to go easy and not pressure myself to be a 100% creative machine right now.

Baking is something that many of us associate with happy memories, joy and spending time with loved ones. I love decorating and creating stories within my bakes. I like to create bakes that you can attach a personality to, because I love the stories that people create around them. I love things that are colourful, different and fantastical. I’m also inspired by my mistakes. Some of the bakes I have been most happy with have been born out of blunders, so I want to encourage mistakes and not try to make everything perfect. Enjoy it.

For more of Kim-Joy’s wonderful recipes, see go to our food section or grab her book, Baking with Kim-Joy, £18.

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