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How’s this for a mouthful? Medici Macarons from Mytholmroyd,

PUBLISHED: 00:00 13 April 2015

Medici Macarons

Medici Macarons


They are considered royalty among baked treats but are they worth the angst? Esther Leach finds out

Pic Joan Russell
Lynne Burns, a Pic Joan Russell Lynne Burns, a "macaronier" who runs her own company "Medici Macarons" from her home in Mytholmroyd.

Is there a less helpful name than Burns for a mum turned professional baker? ‘I know, unfortunate isn’t it, because I am a passionate baker,’ said Lynne working in her kitchen at home. Not only does she care deeply about her baking she is also a more than competent business woman adept at spotting the opportunities which allow her to do what she really loves to do – create her own unique style of macaron.

‘It all started when I gave up work to look after my mum,’ said Lynn who was a self employed consultant helping local authorities to work closely with the public. ‘Building relationships and networking, meeting people comes naturally to me and it has helped me to build a new business. I would say to anyone wanting to turn something they love into a business, learn these skills if you don’t have them, you will need them to succeed. You have got to be able to promote and sell what you do. And you must understand budgets and cash flow. You have to be able to do all these different things to succeed.

‘I gave up work in 2012 to care for my mum who was ill with cancer and it was while she was poorly and I was trying to find a way to sleep at night, that I began thinking about creating a baking business. I imagined a baking business in my head to help me stop thinking of the bad things that were happening.’

Oddly enough Lynne never stepped into a kitchen before she left home at 18. ‘Mum and nan ran the kitchen while I was growing up. I couldn’t cook a thing when I left home at 18 but I learned over the years to be a savoury cook and I shied away from baking cakes except children’s cakes which were awful but I thought I must be able to make a cake. I started to read about it and just trusted my instincts. I’ve been baking for 13 years – a baker’s dozen. Once you get the hang of it you want to do different things and I became a pretty good baker.

‘While I was grieving for mum I thought up a business called Molly Coddles Cakes – but I hadn’t done a business plan and very quickly realised no one was going to buy them because I was using expensive ingredients to make large cakes such as a Victoria sponge. I looked online for smaller cakes and came across the macaron – a more difficult bake but with just three ingredients, eggs, ground almonds, sugar. I had failure after failure.

‘It became an obsession. I couldn’t allow this to get the better of me. I had become part scientist, part detective trying to work out why my macarons were not perfect. This was my fourteenth attempt. ‘I put three trays of macarons, all prepared differently, into the oven. One tray came out perfectly. I had kept scrupulous notes so I knew I could repeat the success. My obsession continues, but now using different colours and flavours,’ says Lynne.

Today Molly Coddles Cakes is Medici Macarons which Lynne runs from her kitchen in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire. She creates unique macaron style wedding cakes which have become a very successful speciality that allows her to be creative as well as make a living. ‘There is nothing better than working with people getting married. They are so happy and so excited and it’s a privilege to be part of someone’s special day. It’s opened a very different side of the business which is quite lovely.

‘There is always something different to try which keeps my interest and that is important to me, change keeps me motivated as does the feedback on how lovely they are. I am a perfectionist, which can be a double edge sword. I’ve been through upset and tears to get it right, some awful angst but I’ve established my brand and I’m not scared to share what I know. I’m a qualified teacher of adults and I would love to be able to share my knowledge. There is room for everyone in this business.’

Pic Joan Russell
Lynne Burns, a Pic Joan Russell Lynne Burns, a "macaronier" who runs her own company "Medici Macarons" from her home in Mytholmroyd.

Medici Macarons

Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge

07814 570630


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