Kew Gardens and Taylors of Harrogate create the perfect blend with a range of fruit teas

PUBLISHED: 00:00 25 April 2014

Kate Halloran, one of Taylor’s senior tea buyers, working to create new fruit and herbal infusions in partnership with Kew Gardens

Kate Halloran, one of Taylor’s senior tea buyers, working to create new fruit and herbal infusions in partnership with Kew Gardens


Grab a handful of these unique fruit teas and a flask of hot water and enjoy a refreshing drink wherever you might wander, says Esther Leach

Fruit or herbal teas don’t always hit the mark but when the likes of Kew Gardens and leading tea specialists Taylors of Harrogate come together, something special is bound to happen. And it has. The new partners have produced a range of fruit and herbal infusions that will surprise most people.

Kate Roch, a senior tea buyer at Taylors worked alongside Kew to create a range of six infusions of which the most unusual is probably Sweet Rhubarb. ‘We had one goal,’ said Kate, ‘to make the purist, best tasting infusions available to buy. What better partner to help us achieve this than the world leading plant experts.

‘Kew’s head of plant sciences suggested some flavours and plants she’d like to see in the range and we developed these into great tasting blends. Every ingredient has been endorsed by Kew for quality and purity, ensuring we have the very finest.

‘I strongly believe they’re the best tasting infusions you can buy. We know that there are a lot of customers who find the taste of herbal and fruit teas disappointing, so we wanted to make sure ours tasted authentic and full of flavour.’

Prof Monique S J Simmons from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew added: ‘We are delighted to be able to use our knowledge of plant chemistry and the traditional uses of plants to assist Taylors in developing a line of quality fruit infusions. They bring together the flavours of plants from the orient and the fields of England.’

There are six infusions in the range including Peppermint, Sweet Rhubarb, Blackberry & Elderflower, Spiced Apple, Lemongrass & Ginger and Chamomile & Vanilla.

Taylors worked with Kew to select peppermint leaves which have been carefully dried and cut to make a refreshing infusion best enjoyed after dinner to aid digestion. The Sweet Rhubarb blend combines rhubarb with apple pieces and a pinch of blackberry leaf to create a unique tasting infusion. Lemongrass & Ginger is fragrant and zingy while the Chamomile & Vanilla infusion has a pinch of orange leaf to add smoothness to this otherwise familiar flavour combination. Sweet apple pieces have been blended with ginger root, cloves and star anise to create the Spiced Apple infusion which is very satisfying and Blackberry & Elderflower is a fresh and fruity combination reminiscent of summer.

But, I hear you say, really there’s nothing better than a good old fashioned pot of proper tea. Try these new blends - they might just surprise you.

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