Newby Hall Farm Shop - Local Yorkshire Producer

PUBLISHED: 18:55 07 July 2010 | UPDATED: 17:30 20 February 2013

Newby Hall Farm Shop - Local Yorkshire Producer

Newby Hall Farm Shop - Local Yorkshire Producer

Newby Hall Farm Shop based just north of Boroughbridge specialises in the production & sale of its own world class, multi award winning beef, pork & lamb.

Newby Hall Farm Shop specialises in the production & sale of its own world class, multi award winning beef, pork & lamb.

What home grown produce do you stock?

beef, pork, lamb, game, vegetables

What local produce do you stock?

Fruit, organic dairy, cheese, ice cream, bread, cakes, pies, quiches, preserves, alcohol, chocolate, sweets, a full range of groceries, organic flour, smoked fish, mineral water, soft drinks, organic & free range eggs including duck eggs.

Are your products cheaper than the supermarket?

Yes. They are also generally better value due to the shortest possible supply chain helping deliver a fresher, high quality product e.g. our own beef, pork & lamb, eggs, seasonal fruit, vegetables & salads.

In addition, our frozen ready meals are also cheaper when compared on a gram for gram basis.

Do you encourage local people to supply you?

Over 90% of the products sold in our shop are produced within 40 miles of our shop door. We are primarily a local shop for local people and constantly seek new local producers with high quality tasty products.

Please tell us a bit more about your business

We won the title of Best Rural Business this year. The award recognises businesses that are truly countryside/farm based, excellence in food production & presentation and businesses that are truly active in the wider community supporting, and more importantly interacting with many local schools and charities. Here is an example of what our nominees said about our shop

Newby farm Shop stands out as a local shop for food lovers. The shop is a wonderful bond between the customer & the local producers. I love the fact that the products are all openly & clearly displayed. There isnt any misleading advertising proclaiming you will save money by buying more! No contrived statistics to demonstrate how much better than its competitors the shop is. The shop its staff, suppliers, customers & products all impress with their honesty & integrity.

The main product is the wonderful fresh meat. The shop rears & butchers its own beef, lamb & pork all extremely tasty. It is butchered on site and displayed so that you can see exactly what you are buying. Not a pre-pack in site! No trick lighting or misleading packaging & definitely no need for artificial flavourings. The butchers will cut the meat to your requirements, in front of you & even offer cooking & recipe tips. The shop team really do strive to go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

It has a good range of food & drink enabling customers to buy their complete meal in shop. The shop works closely with the local schools which it also supplies. The local children enjoy real local food with taste! Enjoying nutritious food is as essential to growing up as a good education. With so many products in the shop from local suppliers there is the added knowledge that such a short supply chain generally has less impact on the environment.

The Newby Hall farm shop has a wonderful community spirit and a family friendly atmosphere. It has been the result of a lot of hard work from a dedicated team, talented local producers and top quality goods. This has led to the shop winning contracts to supply food to some of the best schools & pubs in the area.


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