Six of the best gourmet sandwiches from Yorkshire

PUBLISHED: 00:00 09 March 2017

Who makes the best sarnies in Yorkshire?

Who makes the best sarnies in Yorkshire?


Who makes the best sarnies in Yorkshire?

Boy, do we Brits like our sandwiches, writes Tony Greenway. In fact, according to the people behind British Sandwich Week (yes, there is one), we buy 3,500,000,000 sandwiches from UK retail or catering outlets each year, paying over £7,850,000,000 for the privilege. (The number crunchers at British Sandwich Week even worked out that this amount equates to 36,500 brand new Ferraris). These days, of course, the definition of a sandwich has expanded to include rolls, baguettes, pitta breads, wraps, bagels and lots more besides.

In our house, though, a sandwich often resembles a sorry bit of ham squeezed between two uninspiring slices from a supermarket loaf. But if you know what you’re doing, a humble sarnie can be a work of art. Lorna Potter, from Pickles and Potter Kitchen, has been running a sandwich and deli business for years and says that the secret to an amazing sandwich is down to (and this isn’t rocket science) the quality of the bread and the quality of the fillings. Lorna’s bread is fantastic but she also puts extra thought into what she’s going to put inside it. For example, her egg mayonnaise sandwiches are legendary around Leeds and that’s because she uses free range eggs and grates them (‘it spreads better and gives an even flavour’), using good quality mayo to bind them together (not loads so that it explodes out of the sides – just enough). And whatever filling she uses, she spreads it right to the edges so there are no dry, sad bits of bread at the corners.

So who makes the best sarnies in Yorkshire? Well, you’ll have your faves, no doubt. Here are just six of mine...

Loom Lounge

The Loom Lounge — owned by Stuart Townsend and Karon Bush, and located in the sprawling arts, business and food complex that is Dean Clough, Halifax — pours a mean cup of coffee. And what goes well with coffee? A sandwich, naturally. Luckily, Stuart and Karon have developed four gourmet sandwiches, including the Brick Top and the George, that are both huge and hugely satisfying; a must for serious sarnie connoisseurs.

Urban Deli

Choose from the familiar (roasted local ham and cheddar cheese, perhaps) to a sarnie that’s a walk on the wild side (piri piri chicken cheese and jalapeños or chorizo, brie and black olives). Sheffield-based Urban Deli’s smoked salmon sarnie, meanwhile, is award-winning, with salmon sourced from the Jaquest smokehouse in Bolsover. You should also get your chops around their chicken, mozzarella, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes — and their selection of hot sandwiches including Moroccan lamb.

Pickles & Potter Kitchen

Trained chef Lorna Potter used to own a deli in Leeds called Pickles and Potter, which has sadly closed. Now, though, she’s running a catering and delivery business (for offices and pre-order lunches) called Pickles and Potter Kitchen, and she’s busier than ever. Her gourmet range of sandwiches include rare roast beef, red onion marmalade and cheddar; piri piri chicken and chilli jam; home-cooked ham, local cheese, baby spinach and mustard and mayo and slow-cooked pulled pork with sweet potato coleslaw and gherkins. Plus she makes a ‘simple range’, including home-cooked ham and vine tomato. She’ll deliver free to Leeds for orders over £20.

Adeli of Beverley

Adeli of Beverley (get it?) make sandwiches you’d expect (egg mayo, tuna mayo, BLT) and those you wouldn’t (banana; garlic sausage; hummus; Danish salami; ox tongue; beef topside; ham on the bone, and chicken on the bone). They also make specials every week. At the time of writing, this was a fish finger special, with rocket and tartare sauce. Brilliant.

Cafe Miele

We know a journalist — let’s call her Jo Davison, because that’s her name — who raves about Cafe Miele in Rotherham. What’s so good about it? Well, first of all it’s Italian and, says Jo, you place the ingredients of your choice from their extensive deli counter (salamis, cheeses, gorgeous things preserved in olive oil, etc, all flown in from Italy) on a choice of Italian bread. Then you go directly to taste heaven.

Cafe Concerto

A cafe/restaurant that’s an old lunchtime favourite, situated near York Minster, and one that’s hard to beat. Grab a table and you’ll see why. First, the coffees are fantastic; second, the range of baguettes includes a mojo-spiced chicken mayo, and medi-veg hummus and pesto. Hot deli sandwiches, meanwhile, include croque monsieur with mustard mayo, and a chicken Caesar club sandwich on ciabatta, with chicken, bacon, tomato and parmesan mayo. For all that, though, my favourite — after all these years — is still Cafe Concertos’ legendary bacon and brie baguette.

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