Six of the best juices and cordials from Yorkshire

PUBLISHED: 14:51 13 September 2012 | UPDATED: 13:33 24 October 2015

Refreshing drinks from Country Cordials

Refreshing drinks from Country Cordials

Drink to your health with these fruity blends, says Tony Greenway

There’s nothing like a long, cool drink of freshly squeezed juice on a hot day, is there? Of course, I’m writing this in July, and we haven’t actually HAD a hot day yet… but by the time you read this we might all be sweltering under an Indian summer sun.

Rain or shine, though, you can make your own fresh juice drinks at home. To do so, you will need a) fruit and b) something heavy — or, even better, fruit and a juicer. Trouble is whatever equipment you use, you’ll need a LOT of apples/bananas/oranges/berries* (*delete where applicable) to produce one pitcher of liquid vitamin C.

Guess what, though? There are people out there — good, local, juice-loving people — who can save us all the hassle because they’ll squeeze fruit for you and pour the results into a glass, bottle or carton. And, when they do, you’ll thank them because fresh juice is zingy, healthy, refreshing and extremely quaffable.

Here are my nominations, then, for the best fresh juice and cordial operatives in Yorkshire…

Country Cordials, Hovingham, North Yorkshire
You know how some cordials can taste flat and thin? Well the ones from Country Cordial are full-bodied and juicy, contain local and seasonal ingredients when possible and contain no artificial flavours. I love their strawberry and lemon cordials; but Mark Woolley, founder of Country Cordials, says his most popular drink at this time of year is Yorkshire Elderflower. Coming into autumn and winter, though, watch out for the winter warmer hot cordial, with apple juice, honey, citrus fruit and ginger. Just add hot water for a delcious drink..

Xing, York
Xing is located in one of the most visited streets in York — the Shambles — and does a top line in juices. They told me their most popular juice drinks were Liver Cleanser (beetroot, apple, carrot, lime) and Cloud Nine (melon, strawberries, pineapple, 100 per cent fat free frozen yoghurt and cranberry juice) and I can see why, frankly. Delicious.

Hillcrest Juices and Cordials, Suffield, Scarborough
Hillcrest, founded by Adam Tildsley, hasn’t been going that long but it’s already making an impressive name for itself by selling its hand-picked and hand-pressed wares through a couple of local farm shops (Redcliffe Farm Shop in Lebberston and Hare’s Leap Farm Shop in Burniston). Adam’s apple and ginger always goes down particularly well; a website is being developed and you can follow Hillcrest on Twitter, too (@treeptoppress.
01723 363731

SmoothieMania, Leeds
A food and drink bar on Vicar Lane in Leeds which makes sensational smoothies. Recipes include Top of the World (orange juice, strawberry, banana and yoghurt) and the all day breakfast super fruit smoothie Morning Bridget Jones (organic muesli, orange juice, banana, strawberry, blueberry, yoghurt and honey). There’s a juice menu, too, naturally (including the 3 Sixty: carrot, apple and ginger) plus real fruit shakes.

Juice, Leeds and Harrogate
The founder of Juice is James Mead who opened his first store in the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds. There’s another in Harrogate now and staff there tell me that the most popular juice they produce is probably the Apple Berry Burner. This is made up of apple juice, strawberries, peaches, raspberry frozen yoghurt and fat-free vanilla yoghurt.

Side Oven Bakery, Foston on the Wolds, Driffield
Side Oven Bakery (at Carr House Farm) makes bread and muesli — but it also produces all its own juices and cordials from a newly converted ‘juicery’ on the premises. Varieties include organic elderflower cordial, organic blackcurrant cordial and organic lemon cordial, plus organic and non-organic apple juice. You can find bottles in Fodder in Harrogate, at local festivals and in selected delis.

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