Tame and Wild - all-natural non-alcoholic drinks inspired by hedgerows

PUBLISHED: 00:00 17 January 2020

Tame and Wild drinks

Tame and Wild drinks

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Anna Makin-Jones has created a line of drinks made with English fruits and foraged botanicals

Annabel Makin JonesAnnabel Makin Jones

Gin and tonic? Glass of sauvignon? Maybe a mojito?

Lots of us will have enjoyed a tipple or two at the hundreds of fine establishments across God's own country over the festive season.

But maybe you're feeling the after-effects a little now and want to give yourself a bit of a break - maybe you're cutting back for 2020. But what's the alternative? Tonic water? Orange juice? Not very inspiring.

However, a West Yorkshire Mum is taking things to a whole new level

Tame and Wild drinksTame and Wild drinks

'I had a night out with my friends, and I was driving - and the non-alcoholic options were limited. We were all after a sophisticated drink to pair with a lovely meal… not something packed with sugar that would destroy our taste-buds.'

Annabel Makin-Jones, a farmer and drinks entrepreneur from Micklefield, has launched a range of all-natural drinks made with English fruits and foraged botanicals, inspired by the flavours of the British countryside.

Slurp on strawberry, cucumber and lime flower, or perhaps blueberry, dandelion and lavender will quench that thirst. They're just two of the mouth-watering flavours on offer from Tame and Wild.

Annabel runs her family farm near Leeds with husband, Chris, and her two children, Oscar who's five and three-year-old Gemina. Farming's in her blood- she's fifth generation no less and has expanded the successful strawberry operation growing premium berries for top retailers and restaurants across Britain.

'I wanted to find a natural soft drink so that when I am settling down with Netflix of an evening, I really feel like I am getting a 'treat'. However it's not just for the grown-ups, I wanted to be able to give my children something yummy yet healthy.

'Lots of us are practising 'mindful drinking' and moderating our alcohol intake. Non-alcoholic drink options are a bit limited and I longed for something a bit more celebratory than a glass of orange juice in the pub.

'So I decided to have a stab myself at making a drink with what we grow on the farm - I took inspiration from what's literally in our back garden. All of the drinks I make offer something extra too - lavender is calming, rose is great for the skin and limeflower can ease anxiety.'

Annabel is part of the new generation of entrepreneurial female farmers working to combine sustainable agriculture practices as well as bringing great tasting food and drink to a discerning market.

Yorkshire-based Michelin-starred chef, Andrew Pern, runs The Star Inn Harome, The Star Inn the City in York and the The Star Inn the Harbour in Whitby.

'Tame and Wild's drinks have become a firm favourite with us - they're a 'star' performer indeed! They're a fantastic bottled showcase for the Yorkshire countryside and perfectly complement our Michelin-starred country pub menu. The combinations and the lightness of each flavour are individual and vary from the norm too, either as a drink on its own or a mixer. Very British, very Yorkshire!'

And it's not only the Michelin-starred restaurants stocking Annabel's wares - these days you can find them in local farm shops and hotels across the region. But even bigger plans are afoot.

'I'm about to launch a new line - I don't rest on my laurels! Damson, rosehip and passionfruit has been tried and tested amongst my friends and family and - wow. It went down a treat and is about to launch.'

But not only are the drinks low in sugar, each bottle has less than 30 calories and contains fibre.

'I think the Tame and Wild brand offers something very different to what's out there at the moment. People care so much about what they eat, so why not what goes into their drinks?'

But they're not just for the tee-totaller… they're an ideal mixer too, as Annabel will testify, 'Oh yes, add them to a lovely gin and you have a perfect Friday night right there!'

Two young children, a farm producing fruit and now premium drinks - what's Annabel's secret?

'Oh there's no secret! I love what I do, and I involve my children in everything - I want them to see how hard I work and they're a big part of the business. They're great at tasting and know their stuff!'

And, thanks to her little ones, Annabel has been inspired to take Tame and Wild a step further.

'I'm working on a line especially for children - it'll be perfect, and I am working hard to get it spot-on so watch this space.'

But - and this is the big question - what's her favourite tipple then?

'Blueberry, dandelion and lavender is delicious with a very subtle flavour. Although I do say the drinks are best served on their own, this one is perfect with gin as it won't overpower a quality flavour. But, in all honesty, serve them on their own in a lovely wine glass over ice- cheers!'

So heading out and about this month and want something booze-free? Andrew Pern has a few suggestions,

'Mocktails are a big seller these days - we have 'Bloody Mary's Sensible Sister - the Virgin Mary with Big Tom Tomato Juice mixed with Henderson's Relish, fresh horseradish, lemon and tabasco Strawberry and Cucumber Served with cucumber and ice- it's a best seller. And then there's dandelion and lavender served with lavender and blueberries or elderberry, rose and rhubarb served with orange and ice - to name just two. u


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