Why you should try Puckett’s Pickles

PUBLISHED: 17:01 19 May 2020 | UPDATED: 17:06 19 May 2020

Puckett's Pickles

Puckett's Pickles


Pep up with a pickle! Share your table with the perfect pickles made with best Yorkshire ingredients and a dose of family know-how

Sarah Puckett honed her skills at granny’s pickling pan – to create the acclaimed brand, Puckett’s Pickles.

Now she creates pickles which are wholesomely natural, gloriously colourful and joyfully British.

Puckett's PicklesPuckett's Pickles

No nasty preservatives, no needless food miles - just seasonal produce, bright fresh herbs and rich whole spices (and that dash of Granny’s know-how).

Tasty pickle products that will pep up any meal include spiced tomato; spiced apple; red onion; beetroot and orange; chilli; carrot and cardamom; pear and apricot; Puckalilli; and Captain Puckett’s.

Puckett's PicklesPuckett's Pickles

There are always more seasonal and delicious special created at Sarah’s ‘pickle palace’ HQ in the heart of Yorkshire.

She insists on using the best produce for her products, working closely with her local greengrocer to source seasonal vegetables and fruit from local farmers.

Puckett's PicklesPuckett's Pickles

Add to that the finest British organic cider vinegar, which is less harsh and doesn’t need to be offset with large quantities of sugar, and you see the attention to detail that makes the difference to the taste.

Puckett’s Pickles are all about honesty, as Sarah explains: ‘Just look at my labels – they’re small and relatively plain so there’s no hiding the ingredients inside the jar.

‘The vegetables have to be incredibly fresh or it would be obvious for all to see.’


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