UGOT - serving healthy breakfasts to commuters in York

PUBLISHED: 10:37 24 April 2014

UGOT cold pressed juice, a breakfast favourite

UGOT cold pressed juice, a breakfast favourite


There is a great deal written about the importance of eating breakfast but who takes the time when there is no time… or so we think

Mint chocolate chip frozen yogurtMint chocolate chip frozen yogurt

Joe Carnell may be just out of his teens but he has a few ideas about eating and drinking well, especially on the run. He’s the co-founder of UGOT which promises to deliver ‘honest food fast’ to travellers and commuters on platform three at York railway station. It’s there you’ll find him and his team serving pick-up and go porridge, cold pressed juices and frozen yogurt with fresh fruit instead of the usual default breakfast of coffee and double chocolate chip muffins and sticky pastries.

‘Our raison d’être is to serve the most delicious and energising food on the planet,’ says Joe, sipping water. ‘We believe the best foods are full of natural goodness and taste better for it.’

He’s particularly keen to get everyone to try their own cold pressed juices ‘because of their higher concentration of nutrients’. It’s his mission to serve an irresistible combination of fresh and flavour-first food that is full of goodness. ‘Our menus are full of choices which are fine for people who have food intolerances and there are absolutely no nasty preservatives or additives.’

Frozen pro-biotic yogurt is a UGOT breakfast favourite – a sweet treat that’s good for you, says Joe. It’s fat-free and loaded with fresh fruit, it’s a dream snack, he adds. ‘We have selected 70 flavours, from strawberry to weird and wonderful maple bacon doughnut and my particular flavour, red velvet cupcake batter,’ says Joe.

Frozen yogurt smoothies are breakfast favourites tooFrozen yogurt smoothies are breakfast favourites too

‘But that’s not all. Our choice of naughty and nice toppings means every yogurt is as individual as you are. Dark chocolate and cookie dough are popular picks as well as fresh fruit, which add to your five-a-day.’

Other UGOT breakfast favourites are their cold pressed juices that claim to help cleanse, quench and revitalise. ‘We start with delicious fruits and vegetables,’ says Joe. ‘Then we crack, peel and squeeze them to bring out everything that’s good about them. Heat can rob juices of flavours and nutrients so we use cold pressure to help maintain their natural taste.

Their porridge too can be customised. ‘It’s a creamy blend of fine organic oats and milk which can be topped off with fresh fruit and our own recipe granola,’ adds Joe.

We wouldn’t encourage anyone to miss breakfast but if you do and you happen to be on platform three at York station then stop for a moment to pick up lunch. ‘We’ve been working alongside Thai and Vietnamese chefs to develop a range of food to eat on the go including a fiery Thai green curry with rice and quinoa to a Vietnamese noodle Pho with chicken and lemongrass,’ says Joe.

Good food, made with ingredients from local suppliers as often as possible, will always be the priority for Joe but he does have a sense of the theatrical and aims to make the dining experience at UGOT something to remember. He is working with media entrepreneur Jamal Edwards to add music and fashion to the unique UGOT dining experience. ‘We are not just about flavoursome food but also want ensure it is served in a fun and innovative way. We like to ensure our customers enjoy their time at UGOT. ‘This is just the beginning,’ says Joe. ‘I aim to help more people bond over healthy food and great music.’

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