Interiors advice - go minimalist if you love technology in the home

PUBLISHED: 00:00 13 February 2015

Wall mounted TV with glass table

Wall mounted TV with glass table


Ross McDill shares his hi-tech solutions for the home

It’s almost impossible to avoid media and technology in today’s home. Laptops, games consoles and multimedia systems are part of family life, fast being joined by some remarkable new innovations as our homes become as smart as our phones. With the focus on uncluttered living, it can be difficult to know how best to conceal digital screens and unsightly wires. However, with a bit of organisation and creative inspiration, we can offer solutions that allow you to enjoy the gadgets but still achieve that dream look.

It’s important to respect your existing interior style when choosing how and where to position your television. Mounting the TV on a wall would look out of place in a more traditional setting, but can easily blend in as part of a more contemporary scheme. Wall mounted televisions create more space and have built in tracking systems enabling wires to be neatly concealed. Incorporating the screen into a series of small pictures or mirrors can also create a unique feature wall and make the TV itself less conspicuous.

Remember to consider the space and location carefully before installing your screen. Avoid positioning it opposite a window to reduce glare and mount it at eye-level for your own comfort. Additionally, be savvy with your technology choices and opt for new wireless technology and inbuilt features to minimise unnecessary clutter.

If you love modern technology, reflect your passion with a minimalist, high tech interior design style, mimicking its characteristics through geometric shapes and the use of glass, chrome and metal surfaces. For example, Neo offers curtain poles, knobs and handles in shiny chrome that would complement such a scheme. n

Ross McDill, is visual merchandiser at James Brindley

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