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PUBLISHED: 00:00 14 March 2014

Capuchin monkeys adorn this Voyage of Discover fabric by Sanderson

Capuchin monkeys adorn this Voyage of Discover fabric by Sanderson

Mel Yates

Justine Kirkham reveals how to give a room extra va-va-voom

One of the most enjoyable parts of my work is discovering and working with beautiful fabrics. Lately I have been inspired by retro-style fabrics that focus on quirky or voyager themes. It’s often these fabrics that offer an energetic focal point that every room needs.

Global inspired interior design and a love for authentic living is a key trend this year. Colourful eccentric prints combined with a variety of luxurious textures bring elegance, sophistication and tranquillity into any home.

One of my favourite fabric houses, Sanderson, has launched an exciting new fabric collection entitled Voyage of Discovery that takes inspiration from far flung tropical and botanical paradises. The hand drawn maps and detailed illustrations of monkeys, macaws and palm trees pay homage to avid explorers who collect memoires of their journeys with which to decorate their home. The colours are bold and contrasting and include beautiful large florals for a nod to classic British style.

Unusual botanical prints are also epitomised by Jane Churchill’s luxurious Paradise Garden collection which features striking pomegranate embroidery in rich colours. The great thing about having an abundance of colour in a design is that it gives lots of scope for finding complementary fabrics and paint colours.

If you find the stronger fabrics overwhelming, find quirky prints in softer pastel and muted colours or use them for those finishing touches.

Indulge your inner quirkiness and embrace the designs that make you smile to bring into your home and inspire your interior design. n

Justine Kirkham is head of interior design at James Brindley

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