Interiors advice -use mirrors to enlarge your living space

PUBLISHED: 00:00 17 January 2015

Mirrored console tables are very much on trend

Mirrored console tables are very much on trend


Ross McDill’s tips on the best use of mirrors

Mirrors are hugely versatile and can completely alter the look and feel of a room, but choosing the style and where to place it is crucial. Most of us tend to hang a mirror above the mantelpiece. There’s nothing wrong with that but there are so many more possibilities. Be creative and think about where to hang or place a mirror to make the most of a room. Consider placing a mirror directly behind a key piece of furniture or dining table to create the illusion of doubling your space; a particularly useful trick in a smaller room.

If your main intention in introducing a mirror is to enlarge your living space, a bigger mirror is the obvious choice. However, be conscious of the proportions of your room and be pragmatic about the space you have to work with. A large mirror can overpower and distort the proportions of a room; so less is often more. A smaller, thinner mirror flanked by art can be elegant and refined. Likewise, a collection of smaller mirrors grouped together can create an eye-catching and unusual interior design feature.

Mirror design has certainly become more eclectic and there are now so many shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. There has even been a shift in focus from the glass itself to the frame as artwork in its own right.

A square, thick framed mirror can make a space seem formal and rigid, while you can create a relaxed, informal ambience by propping up a tall mirror or select a rounded mirror to soften sharp edges.

It is becoming increasingly popular to find new and exciting ways of using mirror glass and have some fun with reflective effects. Mirrored console tables are very much on trend, and a carefully selected piece of furniture in the right setting can create an interesting centrepiece.

Ross McDill is visual merchandiser at James Brindley, Harrogate

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