The Main Furniture Company, Green Hammerton, York - Creative thinking for the future

PUBLISHED: 18:08 08 August 2012 | UPDATED: 21:43 20 February 2013

The Main Furniture Company, Green Hammerton, York - Creative thinking for the future

The Main Furniture Company, Green Hammerton, York - Creative thinking for the future

This progressive furniture company knows how to listen to their clients' dreams for a beautiful home

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Resilience and creativity are words which immediately come to mind when
describing The Main Furniture Company located in rural North Yorkshire.

The well established business is becoming a one stop shop offering services which cover furniture, home accessories, kitchens, shop fitting, heating fuel and more.

The family run company, which has been existence for over 30 years, has used the recession to think laterally in identifying new directions and following them through.

An area on most peoples agendas is recycling and as The Main Furniture Company manufactures mainly in reclaimed pine they feel they already have a positive carbon presence in the manufacturing industry.

The recycling idea leads into waste management as a great deal of wood waste created when making furniture and kitchens. A large investment
was made in a furnace which is capable of heating the workshops and main showrooms using off cuts of wood. This has reduced the heating cost by oil to zero!

The Main Furniture Company then invested in a briquette making machine which uses up the fine sawdust created on the woodworking machinery and compressing into round briquettes which have proved very popular with customers along with the large bags of kindling they also sell.

Stunning kitchens, both fitted and unfitted and a combination of the two, are created at The Main Furniture Company. No two kitchens are the same and we pride ourselves on how we listen to the client, their dreams, design ideas and also design problems. The company listens and then creates stunning 3D CAD drawings so the client can see the kitchen from every perspective.

Their prices are competitive for a personally designed, hand painted country kitchen.

The Main Furniture Company produces everything in house, quality is controlled as the manufacturing process is on site in their own workshops. Not being reliant on other companies to produce their items has been a great benefit in the recession as being left high and dry, from a supplier going into receivership, with an unhappy customer and unfulfilled order is not good at all.

During the last few years The Main Furniture Company has also concentrated on shop fitting, three local examples are The Ripley Ice Cream Store in Ripley and The Yorkshire Food Company and in time for Easter The Lavender Cafe and Deli in Thornton Le Dale. There is a gap in the market for shop fitting which reflects that comfortable home furnished and welcoming feel when you walk in.

The hand painted cabinets with a wonderful warm richness of soft glowing reclaimed pine tops from The Main Furniture Company definitely fills that gap.

The Main Furniture Company
The Green, Green Hammerton
York YO26 8BQ
01423 330451

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