Green Car Review - Mitsubishi ASX4 1.8 Diesel 2WD Low Emission

PUBLISHED: 13:48 02 November 2012 | UPDATED: 12:14 28 February 2013

Green Car Review - Mitsubishi ASX4 1.8 Diesel 2WD Low Emission

Green Car Review - Mitsubishi ASX4 1.8 Diesel 2WD Low Emission

Syd Taylor gets behind the wheel of the game-changing Mitsubishi ASX4 1.8 Diesel 2WD Low Emission

Whats becoming increasingly clear is that the margin of the more specialised cars superiority over the motors that most people drive is far less marked now than it was a few years ago. The ability gap is shrinking and will continue to do so until that once yawning chasm is a mere crevice.

The march of technology has much to do with it, but manufacturers are also now aiming at what just a short time ago would have been almost unattainable targets for all sorts of competencies.

The resulting vehicles are stunning and simply wouldnt have been credible a few years ago. But not everyone wants to take the jungle trail or travel at Mach one so manufacturers are removing what is surplus to normal needs and giving us the likes of Mitsubishis splendid Active Sports Crossover (ASX) that looks like a 4WD but is really 2WD - but it does all you need unless you are an explorer or racing driver.

Its just the job for most jobs a versatile vehicle with all the pluses of the 4x4 brigade like space and commanding driving position with the added bonus of 2WD economy. Mitsubishis Intelligent Motion Principles in this 23,745 ASX 4 are well founded poetry in motion. A smooth running, low emission,114bhp 1.8 diesel drives through a six speed gearbox to take you to 117mph and it puts power down to low rolling resistance tyres: its small wonder that combined economy is 54.3mpg.

And friends believe me Mitsubishi make no idle boasts here. For once I achieved the claimed figure. Of course in the interests of saving the world regenerative brakes put power back in the pot and might pay your electric bill for you too.

And so, as I motored on enjoying the light, easy and secure handling, I felt endowed with principled good sense and aesthetic acumen. Here, in a glance, is a car that speaks volumes without needing to shout from the rooftops.

Comfy leather seating, lots of room to stretch out (front or back) and versatility enough with the seats down to carry the bulkiest burden: it certainly serves you well.

But is there no downside? I hear you ask. Well I have to report that though the Kenwood combined sound and navigation system might be the finest in Christendom, its baffling complexity fuddled my tired brain so I consoled myself by taking to the road under an autumn glow of gilded sunbeams and made motion in the air, enraptured by humming sounds as the wheels skimmed over the tarmac. I defied fate to draw out the miles for no distance could be wearisome behind the wheel of this charismatic crossover.

Could this be the first blast of the trumpet against the monstrous regiment of oversized 4x4s?

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