Me and My Pet - Mary Ferguson and Lottie the miniature dachshund

PUBLISHED: 00:00 30 August 2016

South Yorkshire PR executive Mary Ferguson and her delightful miniature dachshund Lottie

South Yorkshire PR executive Mary Ferguson and her delightful miniature dachshund Lottie


In the first of a new series, Penistone PR executive Mary Ferguson talks about her relationship with Lottie, her three-year-old miniature dachshund.

Lottie – a dinky dog with a big personalityLottie – a dinky dog with a big personality

I grew up in a tiny village near Beverley in East Yorkshire with an extended family of dogs, horses, rabbits and guinea pigs. We also had fish, stick insects and even a giant African land snail. My childhood was filled with creature comforts, and my love of animals has never left me.

After leaving home for university and living in a series of rented houses around the country, it wasn’t until I turned 29 that I was finally able to own a dog again. In November 2013, my partner Matt and I travelled to Southport to pick up a tiny seven-month old miniature dachshund, who at once became an important sausage-shaped part of our lives.

Lottie may have a tiny body, but in her head she’s a Doberman. She’ll stand up for herself if challenged by big dogs on walks, enjoys seeing off the postman, and when she accompanies me to the stables she has no fear of hooves – much to my worry at times. She’s also happy to walk for miles up the Transpennine Trail, with her little legs going ten-to-the-dozen.

The good thing about having a small dog is how easily they can fit into your life. Lottie’s been the perfect companion for us this summer. As well as joining us on a camping trip to Cornwall, she’s sunbathed with us on a canal boat in Skipton, pottered with us around Holmfirth, licked our ice cream pots on a visit to Yummy Yorkshire in Denby Dale and joined us in numerous beer gardens around Sheffield.

Lottie also accompanies us whenever we visit friends or family and my 15-month-old nephew is becoming her biggest fan. It’s lovely to see their relationship grow.

As well as getting out and about, like all dachshunds, Lottie loves to nap. There’s something really soothing about watching television with a sleeping bundle of fur nestled on your knee, and she’ll often sneak into the bed with us for a Sunday morning lay-in.

Her comical features and unwavering adoration are perfect antidotes to a stressful day, or when things in life go wrong. There’s a simple innocence about dogs that helps put everything into perspective.

Being a dog owner isn’t always easy, mainly because you have to plan everything around them. In my opinion though, the loyalty you get in return outweighs any inconvenience. I spend a lot of time with horses too, but there really is no animal that can love you quite like a dog can.

It’s often said that the best things come in small packages and, with Lottie, that couldn’t be more true. We are now looking for a rescue dog to join her as a brother or sister, and I will never be without a four-legged friend again.

Mary Ferguson is a PR account manager at Capital B Media. If you’d like to tell us about your special relationship with your pet – dogs, cats, horses, budgies, all are welcome – write to Yorkshire Life, PO Box 163, Ripon, HG4 9AG or email

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