10 spooky locations in Yorkshire

PUBLISHED: 08:44 26 October 2020

Whitby Abbey by Martin Sebeok

Whitby Abbey by Martin Sebeok


There are some chilling stories behind some of the county’s most haunted locations.

199 Steps in Whitby by Karol Gajewski199 Steps in Whitby by Karol Gajewski


The inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula came while the author was in Whitby. Follow in the footsteps of by climbing the town’s 199 steps or take refuge to Whitby Abbey.

Scarborough Pre-dawn by Terence IrwinScarborough Pre-dawn by Terence Irwin

Go ghost-busting in Scarborough

There’s royal ghosts and roman ghosts at the castle, a ghostly parade at the church, a grand hotel hosting a glitzy dinner dance that’s never ended 100 years after it begun, and a spooky cast in the Old Town – including an apparition warning sailors of bad weather on its way…

Good morning Staithes by Brian SwalesGood morning Staithes by Brian Swales


Toss a coin to the Witcher if you’re adventuring around Whitby, Danby, Spaunton Moor, and Rosedale – they’re the haunts of famous local witches. You’ll be enchanted by sirens in Staithes, but spare a tear for the sad stories of wraiths Sarkless Kitty of Spaunton Moor, Gytha of Goathland, and Jenny Gallows of Flamborough. You may even come across a hobgoblin on your travels, often to be found watching over the ancient burial chambers (called barrows) that guard the North York Moors. Whether you have a supernatural encounter or not, these spectacular landscapes are dramatic and atmospheric places, a complete escape from the everyday - and from everyone.

York walls by Lukas NalazekYork walls by Lukas Nalazek

Treasurer’s House, York

There is the tale of Roman Legionnaires making frequent appearances in the cellars of the Treasurer’s House, York said to be following an old Roman road - there are regular guided tours of the haunted cellars.

Temple Newsam House by Ian WilsonTemple Newsam House by Ian Wilson

Temple Newsam, Leeds

With 500 years of history the house is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Yorkshire and has many tales of ghosts and unexplained happenings

The Memorial to the Battle of Marston Moor by Phil MoonThe Memorial to the Battle of Marston Moor by Phil Moon

Long Marston

The Old Hall in the village used by Oliver Cromwell during the Battle of Marston Moor is said to be haunted by his ghost. Sightings of ghostly Royalist soldiers and phantoms in Cavalier costume have also been reported.

Bolton Abbey At Sunset by Chris HardakerBolton Abbey At Sunset by Chris Hardaker

Bolton Abbey

A black-robed spectre is said to haunt the church accompanied by a strong smell of incense usually appears in July in the daytime.

Floodlit Fountains Abbey by Andrew RamsayFloodlit Fountains Abbey by Andrew Ramsay

Fountains Abbey

A ghostly choir has been heard chanting in the Chapel of Nine Altars but there are more ghostly happenings in nearby Fountains Hall., The hall built by Sir Stephen Proctor is said to be haunted by the blue ghost of his daughter who witnessed his evil doings and remains at the hall for eternity. An Elizabethan man has also been seen emerging from the panelling in the stone hall.

Burton Agnes Hall in Winter by SallyAnne BeereBurton Agnes Hall in Winter by SallyAnne Beere

Burton Agnes Hall

The Elizabethan manor house near Driffield is said to be the affected by the strange phenomenon of screaming skull, the Lore of the Land podcast explore the tale in detail.

Goathland Station by Sally JohnstonGoathland Station by Sally Johnston


A portal to the wizarding world: the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and the village of Goathland starred as Hogsmeade in Harry Potter, the quaint railway station acted as the Hogwarts Express stop at Hogsmeade in the first three films.

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