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PUBLISHED: 18:36 11 May 2017 | UPDATED: 18:22 07 August 2017

Staithes by Demis Hellen

Staithes by Demis Hellen


View the iconic village of Staithes from a completely different persective.

Staithes is now amongst one of my favourite places to visit on the coast, with its picturesque village and rocky beach.

Upon arrival there are families on the rocks enjoying a spot of crab catching and generally having fun in the gentle lapping waves.

On the other side people were looking for fossils and other interesting bits in the shadow of the cliffs that encase the village.

I start my filming on the beach amongst the seagulls who seemed to be intrigued by my activity, but I kept my distance from their nests.

The colours of the rock and water give a distinct visual effect and the view from above is stunning, with the famous individually painted buildings that have become the sight most people associate with the village.

Staithes is a great place for all the family or a fantastic location to capture on your camera. It also has some great places to eat and drink and I advise to grab some fish and chips after a day of filming or snapping.

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