The Hepworth Wakefield unveils a trio of spring exhibitions

PUBLISHED: 21:55 22 January 2013 | UPDATED: 22:39 20 February 2013

Figurative body work by Alice Channer (The Approach)

Figurative body work by Alice Channer (The Approach)

The Hepworth Wakefield unveils a trio of spring exhibitions

Barbara Hepworths influence remains undimmed almost 40 years after her death. And it shines brightest at where else? The Hepworth Wakefield where artists Alice Channer, Jessica Jackson Hutchins and Linder Sterling are each referencing her life and work in their separate but linked spring exhibitions.

Light-boxes, collages, sculptures made from everyday objects and ambitious installations are among the diverse practices employed by the trio to explore various representations of the human body.

Alice Channer presents a new figurative body of work, created especially for The Hepworth, collectively entitled Invertebrates, which takes its inspiration from jellyfish, squid and other deep sea, boneless life forms.

Through the modification of flat surfaces by pleating, curving, stretching, expanding and contracting them in her works, she explores sculptural properties of volume, dimension and weight.

Stainless steel, silk, aluminum, bronze, nail polish, elastic, marble, polyurethane resin, hi tech lam, and Pantene Pro-V shampoo are presented as liquids that clot, thin, coagulate, cool, melt, heat and solidify within the time frame of the exhibition.

American artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins show in Wakefield marks her solo debut in a UK public gallery with a new body of work. Often taking found objects and discarded chairs and sofa as a starting point for her sculptures, collages and prints, she transforms life into art, marrying the everyday with a wealth of universal references.

In addition to her works inside the gallery, Jessica is also creating an outdoor hanging sculpture in the trees of the gallery garden adjacent to Barbara Hepworths Family of Man.

And finally we come to Linder Sterling who has been working with collage for over three decades, from her two-dimensional work on the late 1970s iconic Buzzcocks posters and record sleeves to more recent light-box presentations.

Her exhibition will culminate in a major new performance piece entitled The Ultimate Form, bringing together multiple collaborators including fashion designer Pam Hogg in a living collage of dance, music, fashion, art, sculpture and landscape. The world premiere will take place on May 11th.

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