Yorkshire Life Reader Photos - September 2012

PUBLISHED: 00:12 03 September 2012 | UPDATED: 21:49 20 February 2013

FJohn Hart - Filey Bay from Speeton

FJohn Hart - Filey Bay from Speeton

A gallery of some of the brilliant images to be uploaded to our website in recent weeks

A good picture sticks in the mind I was walking the Herriot Way last summer and, pausing for a breather after a tough climb a few miles from Hawes, I looked back.

The scene was breathtaking (as was the hill, for that matter). The clouds parted and shafts of sunlight glinted down on the patchwork of fields. There was nothing man-made for as far as the eye could see it was a scene of true natural Yorkshire beauty and would have made a glorious photograph.

The only thing to spoil the view and, as it happened, the photo, was my red-faced, sweaty walking partner tucking into his doorstep sandwiches.

I should have expected no better, such photographic misfortune is in the blood. My father once crept on his belly along the edge of a wind-lashed cliff in the Western Isles of Scotland to photograph puffins nesting below. He snapped away in the face of the gale, with waves crashing on the rocks hundreds of feet below. Again, the pictures should have been glorious, but he discovered later that hed had no film in his camera.

Fortunately, the readers of Yorkshire Life fare better than me and my dad, as the brilliant shots on these pages, and on our website, prove.

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