A look ahead to the 28th annual JORVIK Viking Festival

PUBLISHED: 22:02 22 January 2013 | UPDATED: 22:39 20 February 2013

A look ahead to the 28th annual JORVIK Viking Festival

A look ahead to the 28th annual JORVIK Viking Festival

Head for the fearsome festival that celebrates York's Viking heritage

The heart of the historic city of York will be transformed into a fiery battleground, as the 28th annual JORVIK Viking Festival returns to the city to play out its finale in February 2013.

There will be dramatic performances and displays of combat throughout history, a Viking encampment, music from world renowned musicians, walks, talks and craft activities plus an appearance from master storyteller Terry Deary during the week-long festival (February 16th 24th), which culminates in a spectacular battle that will see two Viking hordes collide at the landmark Eye of York.

The prize for the victors - the mighty city of York and all its riches; for the vanquished there is only slavery and death. For the spectators, a thrilling story unfolding against a backdrop of dazzling light, sound and special effects.

The 2013 Viking Festival is a celebration of Yorks Viking heritage and four decades of archaeological excavation by York Archaeological Trust, the organisation behind the Coppergate excavation that first uncovered the citys Viking history and the subsequent creation of the world-famous JORVIK Viking Centre.

The festival combines archaeological discovery with a series of interactive events bringing the Viking Age spectacularly to life. Budding archaeologists can explore hidden York with popular archaeologist Mick Aston (of Time Team fame) and bring their own finds for identification; whilst Viking strongmen from all corners of the UK battle through a series of challenging tests of strength for the coveted Strongest Viking title.

For more information and full events listings, visit jorvik-viking-festival.com and/or follow the Viking Festival on Twitter @jorvikvikingfestival

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