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PUBLISHED: 00:00 24 July 2020

Madalena Moreira Masons Gin

Madalena Moreira Masons Gin

=David Lindsay

Madalena Moreira is head distiller with Masons Gin, the award-winning distillery based in Leeming Bar, near Bedale.

Usually the week is all about

playing with new flavour profiles of botanicals in our gin laboratory.

Now I spend my days

making gin and hand sanitiser! As many distilleries all over the country have, we adapted our production in order to supply the huge demand we are currently facing.

A non-lockdown Friday night

would mean trying out a new flavour either at home or at a restaurant.

I draw a lot of inspiration into what I do from other food and drink industries, and every day is a school day.

How are you staying social/connected?

I guess the same way as everyone, online! The beauty of it is that it’s bringing a very disconnected world back together. I have been drinking with friends I haven’t seen in more than ten years.

Saturday morning – papers or Parkrun?

Papers! Preferably at the park while watching the others run.

Feeding time – what are you cooking/eating?

For me, eating is a cultural exercise, so as we have been eating all of our meals at home, we tend to make the cooking process a whole experience. We also have a very enthusiastic toddler who loves to get his hands on the dough, so home baking is now a routine!

Retail therapy – online recommendations – food shops – where you will head after lockdown?

I will definitely head to the first food market I can find. As much diversity you can get within the distance of one click, please.

Nothing replaces the warm smile, fresh produce and easy chat behind a food stall. So, in order to balance out the strange moment we are living in, we try to support, as much as we can, local businesses still operating by doing take away or home delivery.

Saturday night perfection is (then and now)

Gathering with friends around the table. Now missed more than ever.

Sunday chills – in the garden? Zoom gathering?

The end of the week means new horizons so ideally a hike or a walk by the coast.

My family and I relocated from Glasgow for this job, so despite the challenges we are all facing, we have managed to get out and explore the truly incredible scenery and beauty that Yorkshire has to offer. And it certainly has plenty.

If I’m at home, I refresh myself with a documentary or a movie.

Fresh air favourites – where you walk now – and where you love in ‘normal times’

Yorkshire isn’t called God´s own county by mistake.

For someone like me, who is an outdoor enthusiast, being surrounded by such an incredibly diverse landscape and getting outdoors is a constant treat. I live in Harrogate so even during lockdown I am surrounded by the most incredible parks. Living in Yorkshire is a true blessing.

Entertainment that’s keeping you sane – TV, radio, podcasts etc

I owe most of my sanity to humour, so in these hard times I have been compensating the mental challenges with a good laugh. Because we recently moved from Scotland, the BBC documentary Billy and Us is at the top of the list. 

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