Nicola Elliott, founder of NEOM Luxury Organics - My Yorkshire weekend

PUBLISHED: 00:41 10 August 2012 | UPDATED: 12:33 09 January 2019

Nicola Elliott, founder of NEOM Luxury Organics - My Yorkshire weekend

Nicola Elliott, founder of NEOM Luxury Organics - My Yorkshire weekend

Nicola Elliott, founder of NEOM Luxury Organics, explains why she was more than happy to swap London for North Yorkshire

I’m originally from Leeds but made London my home for 12 years while working as an editor for In Style and Glamour magazines and, eventually, launching NEOM.

Leaving the capital two years ago for a new life in Yorkshire brought a mix of emotions, but the reality of working an hour from the children’s nursery, the hideous traffic and a house the size of a postage stamp swung the decision in favour of North Yorkshire.

Thankfully, our move back North ended up being the best we ever made. I live between Knaresborough and Ripley with my husband David and our little ones Charlie and Alexa.

I love the fact we can move about freely, that people actually say hello and that I can indulge in amazing Ripley ice cream whenever I choose.

My weekends are now about complete relaxation. When I’m in business mode, I try to fit in a day what most people fit in a week. I’m proud of that, but sometimes think it’s just plain stupid.

But it’s just the way I am. My team call it impatience, but I’m just a 100-miles-an-hour type of person.

As I suffer hugely from working mother guilt, weekends are just about the kids. Typically we get ballet and swimming clubs out of the way on Saturday morning before a home lunch and fun afternoon activity.

We’ll go to a farm, a fair or to see my parents in the tiny village of Weeton. We see a lot of them – Charlie and Alexa adore them, and not just because they get to take a turn on a little motorised car over the fields by the house.

With hindsight, this is exactly the reason we moved back. Alexa is only two (Charlie’s four), but I’m already counting the days until she’s old enough to get a pony. When I lived in Yorkshire as a child I always had a pony and she’s already keen, which is exciting. My husband is paranoid about the children being spoilt.

Coming from the gritty reality of London to such a lovely rural spot, we worry they assume everyone drives a Range Rover.

But I think having a pony from a young age taught me a lot about responsibility. Some of my best childhood memories centre around those shabby stables near Scarcroft in the 1980s!

Saturday night usually means a dinner in the diary. Harrogate is great for eating out; Van Zellers for special occasions and Thai Orchid for a group night out.

But on a rare weekend evening at home I love to cook something special and sit huddled up watching rubbish television with candles lit all around the house (NEOM of course!). Sunday usually involves a get together with friends for lunch.

Shopping for food and producing a hearty English lunch is an important part of my weekend. If it’s raining we’ll do a huge organic chicken stuffed with lemon and garlic and plenty of mash and veggies, but if the sun’s shining, the barbecue comes out and we cook as many different sausages as possible.

If it’s really warm or we’ve got a bit more energy than usual, we head to the beach. A day at Runswick Bay is a real treat and a wonderful end to the perfect weekend.

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