Patrick Allen - My Yorkshire weekend

PUBLISHED: 00:00 22 June 2013

Patrick Allen

Patrick Allen

Paul Heyes

Yorkshire businessman Patrick Allen swaps the boardroom for bodybuilding

Weekends are usually spent as a family with my wife Amanda and our two boys Will and Freddie. We live on the outskirts of Harrogate in the countryside, so spend a lot of time outdoors, which the boys love.

However, my spare time recently has been dedicated to the gym, working-out for Mr Harrogate – a bodybuilding competition I was somehow convinced to enter. I did it to raise money for Variety, the children’s charity (, and it took over my life, with months of gruelling workouts and changes in my diet. But it was worth it.

I’d hit the gym at 6.30am during the week and on Saturday mornings with my training partner David Steca, or I’d go for a run, depending on the weather.

Now the competition is behind me, I’m still up early on Saturday morning, but it’s the boys who wake us up demanding eggs and bacon for breakfast (I cook breakfast at the weekend). We then plan for the rest of the day, with me usually taking the boys out so Amanda can have some time to herself.

If the weather is good, the boys play football for Ripley Rockets and I occasionally coach the under-sevens. Then after footie I treat them at our favourite place, Birstwith Shop, where I’ll read the paper while the boys tuck into a bag of sweets.

Back home, we de-mud in the bath or shower and clean the boys’ boots then head into Harrogate as a family to Valley Gardens, where the boys take their bikes and we walk round and catch up on the week.

We often head to the swimming pool afterwards, as the boys love to play on the inflatables and try and dunk me in the water.

Later, we’ll head out to one of our favourite eateries for dinner, then it’s home and bed for the boys while Amanda and I chill out over a bottle of wine in front of the television.

Sunday is a day of rest, largely spent lounging around reading the papers and drinking Amanda’s speciality cappuccinos. We spend quality time in the garden and, the other week, set up mole traps – which so far haven’t been much use.

We usually go for a walk before heading home for a traditional family lunch prepared by Amanda, followed by an evening spent polishing shoes, laying out school uniforms and packing gym bags for the boys for the week ahead.

Once the boys are asleep, the two of us settle down to watch a film. I used to have an early night in preparation for my gym session on Monday morning, but these days I can have a leisurely evening and an extra hour in bed.

Patrick Allen is CEO of One Degree Capital and managing director of 3M Buckley Innovation Centre in Huddersfield.

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