Real Radio's Elisa Hilton- My Yorkshire Weekend

PUBLISHED: 16:26 21 October 2011 | UPDATED: 21:39 20 February 2013

Real Radio's Elisa Hilton- My Yorkshire Weekend

Real Radio's Elisa Hilton- My Yorkshire Weekend

Real Radio presenter Elisa Hilton explains why a dairy day is usually in her weekend diary

If theres one thing I love to do at the weekend, its indulge in freshly made ice cream. Add to that a farmyard where my little girl can explore and talk to the animals and thats me and my family very nicely sorted.

I love the fact that this doesnt have to be a once in a while treat because were lucky enough to have a little haven just down the road from where we live. Goodalls of Tong in Bradford is a wonderful family-owned farm where they make their own ice cream.

Theyve got a big log cabin tea room that does frothy cappuccinos and homemade cakes, which is great for when the sun doesnt come out to play, and picnic tables surrounded by pens of pigs, chickens, bulls and donkeys for the rare occasions when it does.

After slurping away at a dreamy, creamy ice-cream (or two) in one of their weird yet wonderful combinations, we usually set off on a walk down the road to the bridle path which leads up to Fulneck and the very special Moravian Settlement.

I love to wander through the settlement because you get the feeling youre way, way back in time. I half expect to see men in top hats and women in long dresses with bustles flowing behind them (maybe Im just pining for a time when big bottoms were the in thing because I would have been at the very height of fashion).

Its a really peaceful place and I often have the urge to shout very loudly to see what would happen I imagine the buildings would crumble from the shock of such a noise.

After that we head back down the bridle path into Tong village and make our way to The 6 Acres for a well-deserved glass of wine and a carvery accompanied by their famous Yorkshire puddings. They literally fill your plate so, a word from the wise, pile your platter with carvery goodies first then pop your Yorkie on top.

The pub has an adventure playground for little explorers who want to run around and scream and shout the complete opposite of what adults want to do after a big lunch.

After a very chilled out afternoon, its back in the car and home for that other precious Sunday night ritual of parents up and down the land: bath-time.

Elisa presents a three-hour afternoon show on Real Radio. She describes it as an upbeat, funky, fab and groovy lifestyle show which I hope makes people smile. Find out for yourself at 106-108FM

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