Rhiannon Gayle - My Yorkshire weekend

PUBLISHED: 00:00 23 August 2014

Rhiannon Gayle (with Richard, Meg and Owain)

Rhiannon Gayle (with Richard, Meg and Owain)


Rhiannon Gayle, choir director of Rock Up and Sing in Harrogate, on what hits the right note with her family

Working with five choirs in the Rock Up and Sing family means that Saturdays are often taken up with rehearsals during the day and performances in the evening.

We also have an ensemble which performs at weddings, and again that means rehearsing in the church a few hours before the ceremony begins. There’s something wonderful about sharing someone’s special day though – you can hardly call it work.

On Sundays, we have a fun day with the Youth Choir, rehearsing and having lunch together. They were formed 18 months ago for a performance at a Tour de France celebration in Leeds and have been going strong ever since. Luckily for me, my daughter Meg is in the choir, so I get to spend time with her.

When I get a weekend off, it’s all about spending time with my family. Saturdays involve my husband Rich and I ferrying Meg and our son Owain around – Meg is a harpist and a dancer, and Owain is in ACTAcademy in Harrogate, so there are plenty of classes and rehearsals to get to.

When we get home, everything stops for family time. Rich likes to cook at the weekend so I leave him to it, but we do usually share a nice bottle of wine.

Then all four of us cuddle up on the sofa and watch a film with our meal – I really love that time.

On Sundays, we like to take off somewhere walking with our border collies, Jasper and Tami. We throw the walking boots in the car and go off into the countryside somewhere with a picnic. Malham Tarn is one of our favourite places and Hebden Bridge is beautiful for walking. Brimham Rocks is great too – I like climbing rocks just as much as the rest of them.

We’re all vegetarian, so if we go out for a meal we like to try new places that have a good selection for us. One of our favourite places to eat in Harrogate is So! Bar and Eats on Otley Road, and we also like to walk down to the Gardeners Arms on Bilton Lane with the dogs.

When it comes to music, we all have very different tastes. Meg and I like classical concerts, Rich prefers rock music and Owain doesn’t really sit still long enough to listen to anything. But we do agree on musicals – we saw the Lion King at Bradford Alhambra and we all absolutely loved it. If I could have my perfect weekend, it wouldn’t be anything more exotic than that: exploring the Yorkshire countryside, eating good food and enjoying a concert or a musical at the theatre – all together with the family.

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