Which businesses are the most female-friendly?

PUBLISHED: 21:57 21 November 2012 | UPDATED: 22:25 20 February 2013

Women are becoming increasingly visible in the boardrooms of family businesses

Women are becoming increasingly visible in the boardrooms of family businesses

Which businesses are the most female-friendly?

Family businesses are leading the way in the debate around the number of women on company boards, with 48 per cent more likely to boast a female presence on the board of directors compared to non-family businesses.

According to research by Coutts, based on insight from 100 women working in family businesses today, five commonly held perceptions may actually be myths.

Sixty per cent of the women surveyed said they were not the chief emotional officer, they were not held back by confidence or ambition, and there was not a lack of family support and understanding for their position.

Eighty per cent of those questioned said gender did not define their role, and 85 per cent said there should not be quotas for women on boards.
Historically, founders of family businesses have tended to be male, with women often not recognised for the important role they have played behind the scenes in managing stresses and strains, said Coutts executive director Mark Yellops.

However, our survey highlights that women in family businesses today are becoming increasingly visible. Family firms are acknowledging the skills that female family members bring, and are encouraging their engagement in running the business.

Women are making a tremendous impact on the board, as well as making huge contributions as owners.

The growing number of female entrepreneurs suggests that an increased input from women will change the way family businesses are managed.

The fact that flexible working is increasingly common means that it is more possible than ever before for women to take on responsibility in the boardroom.

At the same time, our survey suggests that a lot more needs to be done to change peoples views about the role of women in family businesses, said Mark.

What we are hearing women say is that its not so much about gender; its more about having the necessary work practices to ensure that the right person, with the right skill set, is in the right role.

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