Yorkshire Life Reader's Write - Diane Miller

PUBLISHED: 15:22 21 November 2011 | UPDATED: 20:20 20 February 2013

Yorkshire Life Reader's Write - Diane Miller

Yorkshire Life Reader's Write - Diane Miller

Diane Miller is an artist in Thirsk who revels in the colours of Yorkshire and the people she meets

The print version of this article appeared in the December 2011 issue of Yorkshire Life

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I arrived in North Yorkshire simply because it holds both happy and sad memories of walking here with my husband prior to his untimely death a few years before. I left the South and my sons working in London and knew only two people here. I have been welcomed and cherished and find the warm heartedness of the North has given me such joy in life. I have come to love North Yorkshire with a passion I have never known for a place before.

On September 1st this year autumn arrived in North Yorkshire. I got up early to find a glorious morning beckoning me. I grabbed the first clothes that came to hand beige trousers and white summer shoes and headed off to circum-ambulate the village, pondering as I went on the Elysian environment I found myself in. Is it by chance that so many happy people live here? The happiness is catching. I can see the hand of God in creation all around me. I love this rural life so much abundance, the verdant fields, the pleasure of breathing freely and rejoicing and luxuriating in my surroundings.

This particular morning had a very special quality. The hedgerows were beaded with glistening moisture. The light was so pure and the air, with a sharp edge of the first light frost, was scintillating.

This morning seemed to encapsulate everything I love about Yorkshire and reminded me of so many happy days walking with my boys. The ever changing landscape fills me with wonder and on this day it was a patchwork of lapis lazuli, amethyst, Hookers green and Paynes Grey.
Yorkshire is a place where people easily fall into conversation. As I headed off to the country lanes to enjoy a longer walk I found myself alongside a man with several dogs. He could see I was more interested in the hedgerow than his company and asked what I was looking for.

Cobwebs, I said. Clearly he did not find this an unreasonable response and before long we two, and the dogs, were wading through deep, dewy grass in our now mutual pursuit. I am not sure you are wearing the right footwear for this, he said.

I know, I said, but the beautiful morning lured me out and I was only going for a walk around the village.

Cobwebs sparkled like diamonds in a field near the ford. Just what I was looking for, I said.

Mind you dont sink in the mud, he responded. Pity to spoil those shoes dont know why you didnt wear boots most folk do around here. I know, I said apologetically. I usually do, but it was so early and I did not think. It was such a beautiful morning and mud did not cross my mind.

Most folk out this time of morning are walking dogs, said my companion who had three. Dont often see people with cameras.

I am an artist, I said as if that explained everything, including unsuitable footwear. Perhaps I should get a dog?

Dogs are easy to come by, he said, but you will have to get some decent footwear.

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