Helmsley's Pennita is the Leader of the Pack

PUBLISHED: 13:52 27 January 2011 | UPDATED: 20:35 20 February 2013

Helmsley's Pennita is the Leader of the Pack

Helmsley's Pennita is the Leader of the Pack

Many rely on the mother of the bride to set style standards but remember to relax and enjoy what is very much a family celebration

There may not be a formal dress code for weddings these days but mothers of the bride still have a leading fashion role to play.

People still look to the mother of the bride to set the standard, they represent the family of the bride, says Pennita Wilshire, owner of
one of West Yorkshires leading fashion stores

Remember, you see the mother of the bride before you see the bride, she sets the standard, she is the leader of the pack, adds Penny.

There are some golden rules that Pennita follow as they help their clients prepare for what is still considered to be one of the most important days any family will celebrate.

Be open-minded when you are choosing what to wear as mother of the bride, says Laura Hackett who works alongside Penny at Pennitas based in the picturesque village of Helmsley, North Yorkshire. The possibilities are endless and dont be afraid to try something new, just choose something else if it doesnt work.

Enjoy the day, relax. Ask for advice to help achieve the look you want. Many people change their style for a special occasion and we are here to help, so just relax.

We know there is a big royal wedding coming up very soon and yes it may influence choices but people are influenced in many ways, by celebrities, fashion spreads but the best advice I can give is never copy someones elses style. Yes take your ideas from others and elsewhere but always remember to be yourself.

Pennita has 11 years of experience and have learned to treat every client who walks through the door as an individual, with their own tastes, style and body. We are proud to boast that we cannot only satisfy such individuals, but can tend to their requirements to a level that exceeds expectations, adds Laura.

Normal and boring are not in Pennitas vocabulary. We have smooth lines in chiffon and satin and ruffles in rich taffeta and raw silk, classic silhouettes and voluptuous volume.

Different is good and your outfit should be as individual as you are and Pennita has only a few sizes in each style in store which is a one-stop-shop with top-to-toe styling, ranging from the exotic hat to the must-have shoes in sizes from 6-24.

Style consultations are available with Penny and the store also has a comprehensive alteration service.

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